Fiduciary Services

Experienced Services for Life’s Changes

Kevin Forrester has years of experience as an estate trustee and personal representative, making him well-suited to handling the sensitive issues that can occur in a fiduciary relationship. He understands that service as a fiduciary is a serious obligation that requires not only legal acumen but the ability to demonstrate sound judgment in a broad range of situations.

Kevin offers a full, complete range of fiduciary services, including power of attorney, executor, and trustee. His goal is to let you focus on your loved ones while he takes care of the legal details.

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is an authorization to act on another person’s behalf in a business or legal matter. Such matters may include banking, real estate, and business operation transactions. Kevin Forrester has assisted many clients not only with these services.


When a person dies with a will, the estate executor is entrusted with important duties such as:

  • Locating all assets
  • Locating and contacting all beneficiaries
  • Supervising property distribution
  • Filing the will in the appropriate court
  • Establishing a bank account for the estate
  • Paying all debts
  • Concluding the decedent’s affairs

Kevin can serve as an executor or, in cases where a person passes away without a will, he can act as administrator for their estate.


Trusts are an important estate planning resource, as they help avoid the complex probate process, reduce estate taxes, and make the estate distribution process more efficient. Kevin Forrester has served as trustee for many different types of trusts, such as irrevocable and revocable, living and testamentary. Regardless of the type, he has a proven ability to handle even the most intricate administrative issues with care and efficiency.

Kevin provides fiduciary services to clients in North San Diego County and beyond. Contact him today to arrange an initial consultation or call 760.932.0999.